Missy McQuillan


I recently had a sensual healing massage from a truly exceptional therapist. Erin Rose sets the space with heartfelt, passionate intentions. From the sacred herb ceremony at the beginning to the harmonious & dreamy playlist to the overall tantalizing and delicious treatment – I am in Heaven when touched by Angel Rose.
As soon as the massage began, I loved Angle Rose’s strong, confident and magickal touch. Her skilled hands worked deeply into my muscles, releasing tension and stress that had been building up for weeks. But it wasn’t just the strength of her touch that impressed me – it was the sensuality and sensitivity with which she approached the experience.
Every stroke, every movement of her hands, felt like a carefully choreographed dance designed to awaken and soothe every inch of my body. I could feel the tension melting away as she worked her way around my body, using various techniques and pressure to ensure that every part of me received the attention it deserved.
But what truly set this massage apart was my connection with Angel Rose. She is attentive and intuitive, responding to my body’s needs and adapting her technique to ensure I was completely comfortable and relaxed throughout the session.
I felt like a new person by the time the massage was over. My body was relaxed, my mind was clear, and I was filled with a sense of deep gratitude for the incredible experience I had just had. I highly recommend this talented and sensual therapist to anyone seeking a transformative massage experience.