I’ve been fortunate to be Rose’s trainer and see up close her natural talents and abilities. When on her table she creates a space of deep intimacy and caring that allows for deep relaxation. Able to hold space with grace and strength, I always feel safe and held by her powerful healing touch 🙏🏼❤


Cee La Alma
Toronto , Ontario

Being touched by AngelxRose was truly an experience! She created a space where I felt safe and comfortable to come deeper into myself. She used some techniques that I’ve never experienced before which was super impressive! Thank you for immersive massage with the intuitive touch.

Ellie Godfrey
Toronto, Ontario

Rose is a powerful healer with deep intuition and a magic touch. She takes command of the healing space and tunes into your body, relaxing, rejuvenating and revitalizing you into your truer self.

I absolutely recommend her and her wonderful work.

Trevor Cape
Toronto , Ontario

Being touched by Rose makes me feel soothed, comforted and relaxed. After which, I feel less stressed and my muscles feel new again. She’s very good at her craft. Thank you Rose.🌹

Toronto, Ontario

To be touched by AngelxRose🌹
What an incredibly sensational experience~ she helped me move stagnant energy in my body, while gently awakening my senses. A truly grounding and wonderful experience! Thank you for your support and service.

Constantine, S.
Toronto, Ontario

I have been seeing Rose for almost a decade, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Her massages are therapeutic, rejuvenating and relaxing. I have a job where I’m sitting most of the day, and her massages are essential to keeping me limber and energised. If you just want to shut down and have a quiet experience, Rose will take the lead. If you’re looking for a massage and good conversation, Rose will take the lead. She is simply incredible. I couldn’t recommend her enough!

Moe, B.
Toronto, Ontario

Erin Rose is a beautiful, sensitive and powerful spirit.
Her energy is healing and loving.
Her massage technique is effective and she has the true embodiment of a healer.

Bryant D.

I recently had the pleasure of having an amazing massage from AngelxRose, who truly helped me through a difficult time of injury recovery from a motor scooter accident and stress reduction. From the moment I met her, I knew I was in good hands. Her expertise and knowledge of the human body were evident from the start.

She took the time to listen to my concerns and always seemed to have the right touch so that I could let go of the deeper tensions caused by the injury. Her approach was
both gentle and effective, and I could feel the benefits of her work almost immediately.

Through a combination of deep tissue massage and other therapeutic techniques, she was able to help me recover from my injury and reduce the stress and tension plaguing me for weeks. Her touch was soothing and healing, and I always felt comfortable and at ease during our sessions.

But what truly set her apart was her kindness and compassion. She was always available to answer my questions and provide guidance and support, and she went above and beyond to ensure that I was getting the care and attention I needed to recover fully.

Thanks to her amazing work, I am now feeling better than ever. My body is strong and healthy, and my mind is calm and peaceful. I can be more active and have better workouts and quality time with my son.

I highly recommend the Intuitive Rose to anyone looking for a skilled and compassionate professional who can help with injury recovery and stress reduction. She truly is a gem!

Danny D.
North York, Ontario

I recently had a sensual healing massage from a truly exceptional therapist. Erin Rose sets the space with heartfelt, passionate intentions. From the sacred herb ceremony at the beginning to the harmonious & dreamy playlist to the overall tantalizing and delicious treatment – I am in Heaven when touched by Angel Rose.
As soon as the massage began, I loved Angle Rose’s strong, confident and magickal touch. Her skilled hands worked deeply into my muscles, releasing tension and stress that had been building up for weeks. But it wasn’t just the strength of her touch that impressed me – it was the sensuality and sensitivity with which she approached the experience.
Every stroke, every movement of her hands, felt like a carefully choreographed dance designed to awaken and soothe every inch of my body. I could feel the tension melting away as she worked her way around my body, using various techniques and pressure to ensure that every part of me received the attention it deserved.
But what truly set this massage apart was my connection with Angel Rose. She is attentive and intuitive, responding to my body’s needs and adapting her technique to ensure I was completely comfortable and relaxed throughout the session.
I felt like a new person by the time the massage was over. My body was relaxed, my mind was clear, and I was filled with a sense of deep gratitude for the incredible experience I had just had. I highly recommend this talented and sensual therapist to anyone seeking a transformative massage experience.

Missy McQuillan
North York, Ontario

Rose truly is a partner in helping you reach excellence in health and wellness. She’s extremely intuitive, calming, and customizes her massage approach to focus on specific areas of stress and need, or all around massage therapy treatment. She is obviously very knowledgeable, skilled, and gifted. Rose creates a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. She exhibits great interpersonal skills and established a strong and trusting rapport with me which allowed my mind and body to surrender with ease. She is extremely empathetic and patient-focused, and has an incredible knack for eliminating distractions and bringing me into the present moment.
I sometimes struggle with receiving, but she made me feel very seen, safe, appreciated and celebrated to open up to allow the healing in. I absolutely love her touch and highly recommend it to everyone.

Ashley Gilmore
Toronto, Ontario

Erin Rose’s grounding and calming presence eased me into my session. She is intuitive, caring, and you can feel her unique essence in her touch. I was so deeply relaxed that I fell asleep, and woke up feeling rejuvenated not only physically but also energetically. She truly has a magic touch, along with expertise in nourishing the body. Highly recommend!

Mich, Chiu
Toronto, Ontario

Being touched by AngelxRose is truly a blessing! I felt so held, understood, cared for and respected during our time. Rose is a gifted and intuitive body speaker who knows exactly what the body is desiring and needs for its deepest and most effective healing. It’s a sensorium for the body mind and soul. I felt a huge energy shift in our time together. I love working with rose and can’t wait for my next session. Highly highly recommend!

Nicole Dawn Wild
Caledon, Ontario

My experience with Angel Rose was in one word, healing. She began by setting the tone with a combination of soothing music , and sacred aromas that were designed just for me. Her massage involved her humanity and direct involvement in my healing, and I was very pleased at how open the communication was throughout the process. Unlike other massages I’ve experienced in the past, where the therapist was withdrawn and impersonal, this experience was anything but that. Because of her care in every action she took, I was able to really relax and enjoy the healing touch of someone who 1000% cares about the people she works with . I felt so safe, nurtured , and loved. Thank you dearly Rose.

Mimi Hunter
Oakville, Ontario

Being massaged by Rose means being held fully and whole-heartedly in the most soothing way. There is so much power in her hands. It felt like an immediate charge up and then a deep soothing of all tensions, emotionally and physically. She is a really special person, so the massage is high quality time with an angel of passion that elevates you with great love and power. I love Rose!

Keidi Johana
Toronto, Ontario

Rose’s touch and Intuitive navigation across my body is truly exquisite✨👁✨ Her healing container is always such a delight to bask in ❤️

Anthony Pang
Toronto, Ontario

Touched by AngelxRose is a very fitting description when Rose has you on her table! She pours her heart into the experience and I find myself completely immersed in her loving but firm attention to detail. Rose is a gift to your mind, body and soul.

Mike, D.
Kleinburg , Ontario

Rose has a loving and tender touch. Her ability to make you feel safe, cared for and nurtured is so valuable. In my first session I was able to release a lot of tears which felt like ancestral trauma leaving my body.  Rose is A very unique soul with a healing presence. I’m deeply grateful for the space she has held for me.

Jaime Love
Toronto, Ontario

Rose made me feel so relaxed and naturally vulnerable. She helped soothe my aches and pains in my body. Although her healing touch was gentle she applied the right pressure to get deep into the muscles and tissues. As skilled as she is, she even sang a lullaby to help me go into a deeper relaxing state. I woke up feeling refreshed and absolutely rejuvenated. Thank You Ms Rose, you’re truly a blessing to everyone who gets to be touched & embraced by you.

Elaine Magat
Scarborough, Ontario

I have been to many different kinds of massage therapists over the years and Rose has given me one of the best massages I have ever had. She used really effective techniques on parts of my body that were sore and reduced a lot of the pain and tension. I prefer her style to many RMT’s I have been to. Also the energy work she incorporates into the experience brings the entire journey she takes you on to the next level and allows a deeper level of healing. I highly recommend her to friends and anyone that needs some care. She will take amazing care of you.

Naomi Belcamino
Toronto, Ontario

AngelxRose  is your conscious choice for energy and healing.

One of the most gifted , spiritual , energy Healers healing the inseparable body and mind . 

You will experience dramatic and profound results from the moment Rose begins your session. Rose has a natural, innate ability to deliver divine energy through her healing hands to release pain and produce healing. Rose is a powerful massage therapist and Reiki healer. Rose provides a harmonious, tranquil environment to lift your spirits. Rose personalizes each and every treatment catering to your needs. It will never be the same twice!! Not only will her sessions bring relief to your pain but your mind and body will be at peace.

In todays fast moving world Rose will help you maintain and restore optimal health through massage and Reiki. Your journey with Rose will reduce stress and relaxation that promotes healing, harmony and balance.

Laura McMinn
Vaughan , Ontario

Rose is a force to be reckoned with as a powerful massage therapist, healer and visionary leader. If you are looking to relieve stress, anxiety, and sore muscles, look no further – any treatment with Rose will take you on a heavenly journey into deep relaxation, rest, and rejuvenation. As a highly gifted soul, Rose intuitively knows exactly what you need as every healing session is unique to each individual. Get ready to ascend into higher levels of healing through sacred space, soothing music, and pure, divine energy. I highly recommend Rose as a professional and transcendental massage therapist – I can’t wait for my next session as every moment is pure magic!

Liz Selkes
Toronto, Ontario

Being touched by Rose is something you do not want to miss! Sessions with her go beyond regular massages you are used to. She has healing hands and she can tune into the energy of divine and deliver that energy to you, so your body can heal in the most loving way. I have been Rose’s client for a while and will continue to be because she is truly incredible.

Eva Svobodová
Brampton ,Ontario

Rose’s healing hands are truly a gift to all that she touches. 

From the moment she started my massage session, I was transported to another level of consciousness – one of peace and tranquillity and love. She truly has an innate gift and ability to heal. I have never had such a transformative massage before in my life. It was more than a massage!! She lifted and released my pain and stiffness in a way no one has before. Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. She is truly amazing and I would highly recommend experiencing Rose’s healing hands for yourself! 

Amy Watson
Wasaga, Ontario

Rose is a combination of sultry and firm. She’s amazingly personable. Very friendly, caring and willing to go the extra mile for her clients. She even let me choose my own playlist to listen to while being massaged which was awesome! I’d visit Rose daily if I could, she’s a real treat and extremely talented. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Matthew Oldridge
Victoria B.C

Rose is a gifted massage therapist. She was in tune with what my body needed. I was held in a secure space and felt I could deeply relax into the experience. 

Absolutely top notch. 


Erika Pucci
Tiny , Ontario

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